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Marcia's versatility as a writer is evident. Over the past thirty years, she's seen publication in print and on the web. She wrote her own stage "patter" 15 years on stage, jokes for comics, routines for her senior actors at Pierce College - and a Dr. Dimento-styled radio show in the 80s.

In 1989-81, she self published three children's primers on metaphysics and crystal healing; vegetarianism; and environmental awareness (See P.L.A.Y.House playbooks).

From 1990-'96, Marcia published and edited a monthly songwriters tipsheet; did a stint with Lafftrack Magazine as a gossip columnist, and interviewed for asongwriter's magazine. Singer also freelanced as an interviewer for Tarcher Books in L.A. and for The Ford Group in La Jolla; contributed articles and essays serially to several California New Thought publications (The Whole Life Times, Awareness Magazine, etc); SoCal Singles publications; and to Steps to Recovery.

She won lyric awards in the 80s from the Music City song contest - the largest of its kind then, in the U.S. - has enjoyed having poems published, and many articles and stories. Prolific, articulate and deeply dedicated to her subject matter, Marcia anticipates the publication of The Tao of Play: Making Joy, Vitality, Originality and Connection A Way of Life - soon.

** Marcia's written works have been provided for your delight and edification. They are however, copyrighted. All of her works are protected legally, requiring her express permission for reproduction, your own business use, or any use of the material besides your viewing pleasure. Thank you for your cooperation.