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Marcia has just completed a book showing some of her artworks, with poems and lyrics.
Check it out at lulu.com/artwild.

Other manuscripts available for review by interested publishers or agents:

THE GAMES LOVERS PLAY: Strategies and Myth-Conceptions for Rescuing Your Love Life - a humorous, sophisticated manuscript that names 12 types of lovers and the troubling games they play unconsciously trying to put Myths of Perfection into play (125 pages).

LOVE ARTS: ABseCretS for Lovers - a companion book to Games Lovers Play, with 26 chapters of the alphabet delivering state-of-the-art tips on how to make and keep your love life glowing.

IRON JANE: Tales of Awakening a Wild Heart. Stories culled from Marcia's very personal journey. Allows her to get into the tougher parts of self-discovery, on the road again to play (200-250 pages). Chapters can also stand alone as articles. Click here to read a sample.